Boot Tray in Singapore

Your car needs much more care than you think. Not only its exteriors but also its interiors need regular cleaning and care. So buying a high-quality boot tray is just the right choice for your car. Boot trays are essential for keeping the dirt, mud, and grass from falling inside the trunk. This easy-to-clean tray perfectly fits the boot and can be quickly hosed off to shine like new

Why Customers Love Our Boot Trays

Went there straight to purchase my Honda Jazz magnetic sunshade and boot tray, received a warm welcome from I believe is the boss Roy. Wasn’t able to pay him on the spot as I didn’t bring enough cash on me. Instead of asking me to withdraw cash first and go back later, he let me took the stuff and transfer him the money when I get back home. Definitely will recommend vbodykitsSG to my frens!

Gong Liang

Order 6 items on Fri, items ready for collection and installation on Sun after made appointment with Roy. Upon reach the workshop, was greet by Roy the friendly boss and he started installing all the 6 items i ordered. Within awhile all items installed, fast and great workmanship. Also a free guide from Roy on my new ride which I didn’t know or run through by my PI.  Thumbs up Roy Vbodykit. Definitely will recommend to all my friend.

Alan Wee

Durable and premium-quality

A long term boot tray once purchased never troubles you all your life. Designed using premium quality and sturdy materials, it never slides from its position. The tray even supports your car from shocks or abrasions, keeping the trunk and its contents safe on unsteady roads.

Easy To Maintain

The tray is easy to clean with simple water and removes off all the dirt and dust in one wash. Once dried, it looks completely new and is all set to be put back in the trunk. Not only it protects your car from all sorts of tears and soiling, but it also increases the longevity of your car carpets and liners.

Fits The Trunk Perfectly

The perfect 3D design makes it easy to fit all on your own and stays in its place without sliding. Because of the perfect fitting, it even prevents unwanted materials to seep through from sides, keeping the trunk clean for long.

Wide Variety of Car Models

From the Honda Vezel boot tray to the Honda Shuttle boot tray, we have a wide variety of car boot trays so if you really want to protect your car, we can definitely be the one to assist you.


Making impeccable customer service a priority, VBodyKits offers value for all its deals. We even provide local after-sales support to all our customers. Have any other questions regarding our products? Feel free to contact any one our staff, we would be glad to answer any queries you may have.

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