Rubber Cargo Mat in Singapore

Maintaining the car like a professional seems to be a big task, but not so much if you have aids to make things simpler! An attractive solution to keeping the boot section clean is using the rubber cargo mat that is easy to clean as well as durable. This mat possesses several benefits that will influence you to buy one right now.

Why Customers Love Our Boot Trays

Place an order Vezel part via supplier directly, but supplier did not carry the part, and supplier sort it out for me via internet and delivered promptly without any delay.
Fully recommended this Good service supplier’s VBodyKits and appreciated his hard work and efforts.
Keep it up for the good service… Cheers!

Royston Wee

First of all I would like the thank Roy for his patience and recommendation upon my request for my VeZel. I am very sastified with all the body kits that I’ve purchased and definitely will come back for more.

Vipes Ho

Extreme Protection

What if you are provided with something that is your helper to keep your car clean but also makes it look good at all times? This mat protects the floor from all kinds of foreign agents such as snow, rain, and mud. You are free to wash them any time without any extra help from anyone.

Enhances Auto Interior

This trunk floor mat is specially designed for your luxury cars so as to protect the surface from dust and dirt. The size and shape are adjustable, lending an enhanced look to your automobile. It renews the outlook, giving a fitted look along with stain resistant quality.

Anti-Slip Backing

This mat comes with rigid line designing which keeps your boots and shoes in position with the mat by not letting it slip. Also, the bottom surface of the mat does not slip on the car floor, keeping it in place the whole time. A must-have accessory!

Easy To Clean

Do you face difficulty in cleaning the large rubber boot trays? Well, this mat is easy to clean as you simply need to take it out from the car, wash it with a hose pipe or by just wiping it with a wet cloth. So now you can clean them as many times as you want.


VBodyKits offers superior quality products, such as car boot tray mats for your car. The objective is to provide extreme cleanliness and hygiene in a special yet regular way. Simple cleaning gives every accessory a classic yet custom look in the car, so add one to your automobile now.

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