Small Boot Tray in Singapore

Imagine entering a luxury car (sparkling from outside) but smelling really gross inside! No, no one likes that. Keeping your car neat and shiny only from outside will never offer great results unless it has got pleasing interiors. This is the reason why even a small boot tray is enough to be purchased by every car lover.

Why Customers Love Our Boot Trays

Went to roy’s shop to install the black rubber seal on my HRV car boot door. Good workmanship and Roy also help me to install the side protector which was neatly done!

WK Lim

got a bunch of stuff from roy, great guy – friendly, responsive and flexible to meet and carry out installation at your location and convenience. has a nice little shop at henderson too where i prefer doing my installations. would certainly approach him again for future projects! 🙂

Don Regan B

Waterproof and Scratch Proof Material

The car mats are designed in waterproof and scratch proof materials which make them quite easy to clean and maintain. Such trays dry up quickly when cleaned with water and stay shiny all the time even if your beloved pets try to scratch them with their nails.

Keep The Car Boot Clean

A large rubber boot tray ensures that your car boot is not hampered with any kind of mud, snow, germs, harsh chemicals and liquids. It prevents such unwanted things to seep down to the bottom of the car, keeping it clean and sorted.

Exclusive Designs and Materials

The boot trays are usually designed in the hypoallergenic odourless material which ensures their usage in almost all kinds of cars. The sturdy material can also work well within temperatures ranging from -20°C to +40°C, making it super effective.

Customized Fittings

An easy-to-fit SUV cargo mat is everyone’s choice. A small boot tray gives you the opportunity to fit in the smallest trunk size without any worries, yet offering the same advantages.


VBodyKits keeps customer service its priority. This is the reason why it offers premium products at reasonable prices. Also, the dedicated service team ensures customer satisfaction at all levels from ordering the product online to safely delivering it to the required destination. Apart from this, it even ensures to fulfil the specialized requirements of the boot trays as per individual’s needs and preferences.

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